When I kill myself, I’ll go to the top of this large hill in the desert, and camp there for the night.  I’ll wake up before the sun rises, eat a small breakfast, and set up a pair of stereo speakers.  Then, facing the east, just as the sun rises, the crescendo to “Ode to Joy” playing, bathed in the full glory of the universe, I’ll stick my M1911 in my mouth and blow my brains out. 




Hey, do you guys think that a minarchy could be run entirely on donations?

I suppose, as long as it did not move to tactics of coercion. If anything, it probably would not be able to be classified as a government at all, due to its Voluntary nature; therefore it would cease to be a Minarchy.

Yeah, it would have to be a more bottom-up thing where people of a distinct group form an entente and this “government” arises.